BBNo$ ft Rich Brian

bbno$ is an artist we've been following for a while now, and this track actually first dropped in mid 2021 - but its only just now buzzing in Australia. Both BBNo$ and Rich Brian killed their Tokyo drift freestyles, and in general are capable of making good music. bbno$ has his usual energy, almost comedic rap like, and starts out with some pretty good energy. The hook is catchy and has some regular braggadocios bars. The flow and energy is so good that it kind of overshadows the actual things bbno$ is saying.

In general, bbno$ is kind of like the Migos, where it's much more quality rather than quantity. And here, he does that. Pretty basic lyrics, nice and catchy flows, and in general, a good energy. His verse is quite simple and short with a good descending flow, and he easily rides the up-tempo trumpet beat.

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