Astronaut in the Ocean

Masked Wolf

The song was originally released through Teamwrk Records on 7 June 2019, initially achieving minor success within Australia but also becoming Masked Wolf's most popular single at the time. However in late 2020, the track started to gain more attention on social media and was being used in a variety of social media clips such as those on TikTok. To further propel the release, he was signed by Elektra Records in early 2021, with the song being re-released on 6 January 2021. By that time, the song had already reached more than 32 million streams on Spotify and was steadily gaining more traction through social media and clips on TikTok. In February 2021, it surpassed the 100 million Spotify streams mark, becoming Teamwrk Records' most streamed track, ahead of Tyron Hapi's "Anyway" featuring Mimoza; however, Hapi was the producer for "Astronaut in the Ocean", thus further imprinting him into the success of the label's releases. The song was also included in the playlist "The Shazam Predictions 2021", compiled by Shazam and Apple Music. About the lyrics, the rapper revealed: "'Astronaut In The Ocean' touches on mental depression, how I was stuck in a place of anxiety and feeling low." During the song, the rapper provides insight into his mental state.

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